Babel’s granny, Oma Moem.


Yup, thats me…Babel’s granny! And deeply in love with this little ‘poepie’, my nickname for him. Isn’t he the cutiest? I was there when he was born, i was there when my daughter saw her firstborn 6 hrs after she gave birth, i was there to change his first poopydiaper when he was in the incubater and not allowed to touch him, i was there to help out his parents in the first nights at home, i was there to change his little diapers during the day and in the nights ‘cause he slept in my bedroom…and i loved it! He is so precious!

Now i’m home in my own place but not before i planned a new visit. Within a couple weeks i’ll be there again to cuddle with him. I can’t wait!

I’m new here in the world of bloggers, i used to have one, long time ago. But back then in my own language, Dutch. This blog will be quite the challenge for me to write in English. So forgive me when i make mistakes but let me know so i can learn.

I’m a bit of a long distance grandma so i can’t cuddle my grandson as often as i like. But i’m used to that ‘cause my daughter and her husband are living abroad quite for a while now. Ofcourse i visited them when they were living in Japan and America and now in Buxton, United Kingdom. Buxton is much easier; Airport is literally in my neighbourhood! And flying with Ryanair is quite cheap!

Facetime is the keyword for us; every friday we inform each other about our lives. There is a lot to talk about: the pregnacy, study, work, friends and now Babel. Me on the other hand: work, work and….my search for a boyfriend. Ouch…will i ever find my soulmate?

Anyway…i’m deeply in love with Babel and thats forever, no man in the world can beat that!